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I was sad to have to extend this contest several times but the entries we did get were ultra-fabulous. Sorry to say my health has not been what I want it to be and I have been in and out of the hospital. Anyway, I want to congratulate EssenceKaulitz for winning! CONGRATS~!

:heart: Luffy-Kun

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SparkyCasper will give you a three-month subscription AND you get to pick the subject of the next contest.

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:bulletblue: Alternate Universe Contest EssenceKaulitz
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Zabuza X Haku


:bulletgreen::bulletblue: *~*ZABUZA X HAKU*~* :bulletblue::bulletgreen:

Welcome to the Zabuza x Haku Club! We are a group dedicated to the Naruto pairing of Momochi Zabuza and Haku.

“I want to protect the person important to me. I want to work for that person, I want to fight for that person. I want to make that person’s dream come true. That is my dream…”

“You were always at my side. The least I can do is to be beside you at the end. I know, I cannot be, but I wish I could go to where you have gone. How I wish I could join you there, Haku.”

:bulletgreen::bulletblue: *~*Rules*~* :bulletblue::bulletgreen:

You must support the Zabuza/Haku coupling
Hetero/Yuri are allowed (with KakaSasu focus)
Gender-Bent and Alternate Universe are allowed
Mature Work is allowed
Do not flame any members of deviantART or clubs that do not support the same couple as you.

:bulletgreen::bulletblue: *~*Submissions*~* :bulletblue::bulletgreen:

Click the “Contribute Art” button at the top of the page.
Select a piece from your gallery to submit.
All artwork must feature the Zabuza/Haku coupling
Bases and Pixels are allowed with proper credit
Collaboration is perfectly fine with proper credit
Mature Work is accepted
Please make sure you are placing your work into the correct folder

:bulletgreen::bulletblue: *~*Joining & Administration*~* :bulletblue::bulletgreen:

Click the “Join Group” icon at the top of the page.
Showing Groups: Go to your Homepage. Select Edit Page. Add Widget. Groups.
If you want to be an Administrator, please send a note to the group founder and we will invite you
The Admin Area will be accessible in your account under “Group Messages”
As an admin you may approve artwork and favorites, organize the gallery, and approve memberships

:bulletgreen::bulletblue: *~*The Land of the Waves Arc*~* :bulletblue::bulletgreen:

When Zabuza was about to be killed by Kakashi Hatake, Haku appeared. He was disguised as a hunter-nin, playing the part by appearing to kill Zabuza. He took the body elsewhere and revived him. He left Zabuza to rest a week before he could have a rematch with Kakashi. During this time, he met Naruto, and had a conversation with him about their purposes in life and those they care about.

During Zabuza's second fight with Kakashi, Haku (wearing the same hunter mask as when he saved Zabuza) was drawn into battle with Team Seven; first Sasuke and then Naruto. He trapped both boys with his Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors and bombarded them with poisonous needles. Sasuke appeared to die, jumping in front of Naruto to protect him from a “fatal” blow from Haku. In anger, fueled by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, Naruto attacked Haku, breaking through the mirrors and Haku’s mask. Recognizing Haku from their encounter in the woods, Naruto regains his senses and stops himself from killing Haku.

Haku, defeated, and thus of no further use to Zabuza, begs Naruto to kill him. Though reluctant, Naruto attempts to comply to Haku’s wishes, if it would make him happy. Before Naruto could go through with it, Haku senses that Kakashi is about to kill Zabuza. Feeling he has one final purpose in life, Haku parries Naruto’s attack and runs to Zabuza, using himself as a human shield to protect him from Kakashi’s Lighting Cutter. Before he dies, he grabs Kakashi’s arm and says that he hopes that in death he will be useful to Zabuza in defeating Kakashi. Zabuza throws him an insincere thank you and attempts to cut through his body to kill Kakashi. Kakashi pulls away at the last second.

Zabuza's employer, Gatō, arrives soon afterward and chooses to end his contract with Zabuza. He quickly defiles Haku’s body. While initially unperturbed by this, Zabuza was brought to tears when Naruto tells him how Haku felt about him and their relationship. In a final act of repentance, Zabuza killed Gatō at the cost of his own life. As he died from the injuries given to him by Gatō's men, Zabuza asked to be beside Haku in death and asked if they could go to the same afterlife together.












:date:*~*Sister Groups*~* :date:



We will accept any and all affiliates from any fandom, especially groups supporting Naruto.


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GiusyRevenge Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Student Filmographer
I just noticed this pairing and now,I fell in love with these two!!
victoriahellsing Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Would anyone like to roleplay with me? If so please note me, and we can roleplay over notes.

I roleplay almost anything, but here is a list.

Labyrinth (But i insist on playing Sarah or an OC, depending on the roleplay idea.)
Hellsing (I insist on playing Integra, Seras, Rip Van Winkle, Yumi, Schrodinger or an OC. Depending on the roleplay idea.)
Elfin Lied (I insist on playing Lucy or an OC depending on the roleplay idea.)
Naruto( I insist on playing the girls AKA Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Anko...ect or an OC depending on the roleplay idea
Bleach (I insist on playing the girls or an OC depending on the roleplay idea.)
Ouran High School Host Club (I insist on playing Haruhi or an OC depending on the roleplay idea.)
Hellgirl (I insist on playing Ai Enma (Hellgirl) or an OC depending on the roleplay idea.)
Fable (I insist on playing girl characters or an OC depending on the roleplay idea. I also play all three games, or mixed.)
Fatal Frame (I insist on playing the girls ghosts or humans or an OC.)
Dead or Alive (I insist on playing the girls or OC.)
Final Fantasy (I insist on playing the girls or OC.)
Silent Hill
or a original roleplay, made up.

I will roleplay anything from PG to R. I will roleplay Action, Drama, Horror, Romance....ect. So please note me your idea if you wish to roleplay with me.
ILoveScoutforever Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I ship them so much and you guys did good artwork and plus this is my favorite Naruto Pairing the first one I set eyes on
09waterb Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i seriosly cried when Haku died im not even a big naruto fan!
Luffy-Kun-Fiction Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Their relationship ended up being a lot more touching than most thought at first. Haku was so loyal. I cried too.
Katana987 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist
I was wondering if there will be any new contest soon?
PeculiarChemicalista Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
sorry for the extremely late reply.
i broke a hand so pardoin mne if i'll have any errors.
i honestly dont know whats the plan of the AU contest wiinner. s/he is in-charge of what'll the contest be
Sakura969 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Student
Arigato, THanks for joinong me in the Zabuza x Haku Club
PeculiarChemicalista Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
you're welcome~ :icongrin--plz:
CatMD Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for accepting me into the group. If my naruto fanart have both zabu and haku in there, which folder should i submit it into?
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